Show Notes

Have certain members of the longevity movement lost their mind?!
We’re quite taken aback by Dave Asprey’s invitation to his community to undergo Gene Therapy in a bid to prolong life.

Follistain Gene Therapy to be exact, which he invites people to partake it at a cost of $US 25k.

We’re not joking, you can see it all here

It’s fair to say this approach to longevity – and gene therapy – completely goes against our ethos on 100 Not Out.

In the comments of his post on Instagram, Dave tells naysayers that they are undergoing gene therapy every time they eat hot chips, and so we are already doing it anyway. He references epigenetics – the environment that we place our genes in – as the key.

On that point we agree, however we take a more macro look at epigenetics, and reference our chat with Mimi Kirk on episode 11, where she took us through her family history, her genes, and her determination to live a lifestyle completely opposite to her family.

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Image source: Instagram @dave.asprey