Show Notes

Did you know that the Mediterranean diets of Ikaria and Sardinia are extremely different!

In Ikaria you won’t find much pasta at all, and yet in Sardinia you will find it in spades. 

Sardinians love lamb and even eat horse! You won’t find a horse on Ikaria!

Such differences open the conversation of what a longevity diet looks like – and what it doesn’t. 

This episode (and next weeks) features Dr Damian Kristof presenting at our recent 100 Not Out Longevity Evening in Melbourne. 

The last two weeks have been Marcus’s presentation around lifestyle. Today and next week focus heavily on nutrition. 

If all of this fascinates you as much as it does us, you’re invited to join us in Ikaria and Sardinia in 2024 for our next 100 Not Out Longevity Experience. 

Come to one or both longevity hotspots – all the details at