Show Notes

Following a recent instagram post by Dan Buettner who introduced a medical doctor to rebut Dave Asprey’s claims about oats, we ask if we are about to see the longevity space erupt in war. We can’t be sure who is throwing the first grenade. Was it Dave Asprey or is it Dan Buettner? 

Do we need to rush out and soak our oats for breakfast tomorrow to live to 100 and beyond? In our analysis of the Blue Zone diets, no other Blue Zone consumes oats regularly as part of their diet. If we look at Okinawa, they’re eating rice. If we look at Costa Rica, they’re having corn. 

What we do know is that it’s not nutrition alone that helps people live a long life. 

Despite us pitting longevity guru v longevity guru and the clickbait that we see daily, such conversations are raising people’s consciousness on what it takes to age well. Depending on how you want to approach longevity, we encourage you to find the model that best fits with your  philosophy and then move in that direction. 


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