Show Notes

In medicine the brain and body are segmented into different parts, but in actual fact as the girls point out they are very much connected.  Both effect each other.  What you feed one either via thoughts or food dramatically effects the other.  Your Up For A Chat hosts talk about the latest research on how food effects the brain and brain disease such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia or even just foggy brain.  At last the research shows how you can prevent these diseases.  Listen in to hear a mind altering chat.
Here are some great references, books and interviews that the girls talk about
Grain Brain by David Perlmutter –
Why Isn’t My Brain Working by Datis Kharrazian –
Lose the Gluten, Lose Your Gut. Ditch the Grain, Save your Brain by Dr’s Thomas & Stephanie Chaney –
Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness interview with Dr David Perlmutter –