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Perry Venakis is a 60 year old energetic power house that wants to help people be the best version of who they are no matter what age.  His whole life he has been studying , health, nutrition, genetics, fitness, diabetes, longevity, martial arts, biochemistry to name a few.  He specialises in sarcopenia otherwise known as age related muscle loss.  He talks to the chatters about this being a problem intrinsically and extrinsically.  He has the answer and if you are not excited about change after listening to Perry then the chatters are not sure what will get you inspired to make the changes to be the best you can be.

It’s a simple formula of lifestyle  and diet changes, but with Perry’s N90 program he has, that is scientifically proven, he can help with that aging muscle loss.  Muscle loss means less activity, less health, less energy, less ability and so much more.  It’s not easily diagnosed but can be easily witnessed in the aging population.

Listen in to this incredibly energetic hour with the chatters and Perry Venakis.

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I have seen that body builders have a loophole in their diet, there’s a big hole in nutrition.
The more you learn the more you realise you don’t know.
There is two parts to wellbeing – the intreinsic and the extrinsic.
The human body cannot store protein.
As we age we want to grow muscle not lose it.
You can turn this around and stop sarcopenia at any age.
We are only 5% of a group who want to change.
The dose creates the poison.
My opinion is this is wrong and we will crash into that brick wall.
A question I ask myself is, ‘Did our ancestors eat this way?’
Why N90? 90 days is whre your journey begins.
Learn how to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat!
Get older comfortably and healthily.
You can maintain muscle mass whilst losing weight.
Eat, move and be healthy.

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