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Our guest today is Cameron Borg, a 27 year old man, wise beyond his years.  Listen in as we ask questions about his life, his study and his job as a pulmonary scientist and of course his second love Rikki Flow Nutrition Podcast.  You won’t want to miss this one.

Cameron Borg is a qualified nutritionist, pulmonary scientist, podcaster and health coach. He has spent the best part of the last decade learning about why our health is deteriorating and what we need to do in order to mend it. He has worked with hundreds of clients on the foundational aspects of their health to allow them to build and optimize their health from the ground up.

You can be your own doctor if you are paying attention
What you eat can change the way you feel and impact your life
You can learn more from one good book than three years of university
I loved being one on one,
I’m going in the complete opposite to the conventional way
If you really listen to a patient they will tell you what is going on
People rarely change by being told what to do they can only be through making your own mistakes
Vegetarianism is like a right of passage for those interested in nutrition
I was in an intellectually vulnerable space when veganism was introduced to me.
Listening to Dr Jack Kruse when the whole facade fell away and I realised there was so much more to this than food.
If you are concerned about animals you should also be concerned for yourself.
There is so much more to meat equals bad
Without seafood we do not have big brains this gives DHA.
I needed to be slapped across the face and did that privately (on veganism)
There is no time space only conscious agents and realism
The most reliable effect is the placebo effect and drug companies have to beat it, everything is measured against it.
You must make mistakes in order to get to where you are.

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