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Dr Nelum Dharmapriya is in the chatters neck of the woods, but they had not heard about her until recently.  When people are on the same trajectory there seems to be an invisible connection that draws them together.  Nelum has been a GP for 20 years, but it wasn’t until her own health crisis that she realised that the diagnosis and medication route was not working for her and decided to research and try something new.  She read the Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung and it made sense.  She chose 4 strategies, she prioritised Real Food, prioritised protein, went low carb and added healthy fats.

She realised that perhaps her patients would improve if she also helped them with these priorities.  Dr Nelum began Whole Food Revolution where she teaches her patients the basics of good eating but also ensures their mindset is set for the changes ahead.  1 day workshops help people through the process.

People knew what to do but couldn’t do it.
I was taught to diagnose and treat
Snoring could be excess fat in the tongue due to visceral fat.
Brown fat is in the mitochondria and generates heat.
4 Strategies; Real food, prioritise protein, low carb and add healthy fats
Mindset was important.

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