Show Notes

WARNING – Explicit language is used in this podcast
One of the Up for A Chat listeners asked the Up For A Chat girls to talk about the topic of Marketing and Advertising Persuasion.  Kim, Carren and Cyndi not only discuss the unscrupulous false advertising produced by drug companies, cosmetic houses, food giants, personal care producers and takeaway business but they point out how easy it is to analyse marketing and advertising to actually see the untruths these companies tell.  Most companies find a problem that may or may not exist, let you know about it and then sell the solution.  By being aware of this you may not be so easily swayed by the selling tricks sold in marketing.  There is a warning on this podcast and that is there are some explicit words that you may not want your children to listen to, but it is part of one particular marketing campaign that Carren just can’t get her head around and so keeps bringing it up.