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Jake Stone and Callan Krause are leading figures in holistic health, movement and physical therapy in Australia. Together the boys run the esteemed ‘Corrective Culture’ holistic physical rehabilitation facility on the Sunshine Coast, host a popular podcast and YouTube channel all while travelling across Australia and internationally, empowering others with techniques and concepts for maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal system as they age.

About Jake:
Jake’s life took a transformative turn when he listened to the still small voice within, guiding him towards a fulfilling path of helping others and living his true dream. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, his passion for surfing and bodyboarding led him to a 12-year professional career, granting him valuable self-discovery and worldly knowledge. However, a broken back and shattered leg became a pivotal moment, leading Jake to embrace the CHEK method for health and recovery. This physical journey unexpectedly evolved into a spiritual healing journey, unearthing unresolved emotions from the loss of his mother and manifesting as depression, anxiety, and anger. Now driven by a desire to uplift others, Jake and his team strive to bring people to a better place in their lives, facilitating grand-scale transformations.

About Callan:
Influenced by his father’s passion for Moshe Feldenkrais’ “awareness through movement,” Callan developed a keen eye for observing asymmetries and exploring the different ways people move and sit. His perspective was further shaped during his time in prison, where he witnessed how posture affected inmates’ experiences. This realisation fuelled his mission to bring confidence and strength to his clients’ rehabilitation journeys. Inspired by Paul Chek’s holistic approach to healing, Callan studied under experts in various fields and developed his own unique system. Through a combination of self-administered massage, targeted exercises, and stretches, Callan has successfully rehabilitated individuals who were recommended invasive surgeries.

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Quotes from interview

Live it don’t preach it

Assessment plus curiosity equals your own system.

If you are inflamed none of this shit works

Teach people how to connect to their body through food and movement

You are not your thoughts

Don’t hide the juice of who you really are.

Whatever organ you eat heals the organ within

The older you get the dryer you get

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