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The Chatters are so keen to speak to Senator Malcolm Roberts.  His a free thinker, an inquirer and thinks a little like the Chatters do.  As they say we like that man he thinks like we do.  The conversation begins with a little background on the Senator and then the conversation goes to the referendum, vaccines, COVID, health, finances, climate fraud (as Malcolm calls it) and much more.  An hour just wasn’t enough.

Senator Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm’s passion for freedom, responsibility and service are his guiding principles for his work as a Senator for Queensland.  He was first elected as a Senator with One Nation in 2016 and returned to the Senate again in 2019.

The early years of Malcolm’s life was spent in India before moving to Central Queensland with his family as his father worked in the coal mines, then later to the Hunter Valley and finally settling in Brisbane.  Malcolm and his wife Christine have two adult children.

His background in engineering and mining started before graduating with an engineering degree (honours) from University of Queensland. After graduation he worked for three years as an underground coalface miner.  Malcolm rose through management ranks to lead and bring about significant profitability and production improvements at underground coal mines and coal processing plants.

A keen interest in business leadership and economics led Malcolm to a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. He led the operational development of Australia’s largest and most complex underground coal project that successfully set many industry firsts.  He then established an executive consultancy specialising in leadership and management services for Australian and international clients.

Malcolm brings to the Senate a thorough, practical and analytical approach to examining issues and is deeply committed to listening and thoroughly researching the facts.  He is enthusiastic to work with Queenslanders to understand people’s concerns, connect with people’s needs and work to bring about helpful solutions.

Australia’s capacity to embrace its riches and talent has been slowly eroded over time.  Malcolm is committed to optimising our productive capacity by removing excessive government intervention and halting the slow march towards the centralist approach that undermines our ability to take responsibility and have freedom in our lives.

This is Malcolm’s reminder that he has been elected by the people, works for the people and is a servant to the people. Malcolm is no servant to corporations, unions or un-elected overseas bureaucracies.

Malcolm fights for what is right on many fronts. People trust that he will ask the hard questions, get the right facts, find the data and make the right decision. Among many of these issues, there are a number of areas that are common threads to a lot of problems in the country. These are just some of the things Malcolm sees as needing immediate fixing to help the country.

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The key is working with people and being firm.

Being in politics is like swimming in treacle.

The entire political drive is control over people and the transfer of wealth.

My frustration is that they gang up to suppress the truth and contradict the data.

We used to be independent for almost everything, now we are interdependent which means we are dependent.

The voice is all about setting up an entity to create a treaty.

We never get any details about this Voice referendum, it’s an insulting process.

The whole thing is a sham.

There has been a big awakening in the past 4 years due to Covid.

I have thought ‘who’s little ol me’ up against thousands of scientists?

I won’t make a statement unless I can back it up.

There has been a destruction of the education system with indoctrination.

Covid was just a massive transfer of wealth.

How can we help? Keep doing what we’re doing and spread the word.

Remember politicians work FOR you. They need to listen to you and be a voice for you.

It’s not about wealth vs poverty, the issue is control vs freedom.

We must remember humans are wonderful. Humans are caring.

We all have a wonderful ability to think with logic but that is bypassed with fear.

Keep reinforcing the good.

People only do what they think is good.

Politics is driven by numbers.

You have power with your wallet and what you choose to consume when it comes to the media.

Parents need to hold principals accountable too.

You can’t have anything if you don’t take responsibility. It’s a sure road to ruin if you don’t.

How can you trust someone who makes money out of you being sick?

We should have a simple tax system that is not about manipulating people.

The community and family are a source of welfare.

We need a government that is compassionate and doesn’t take responsibility away from the people.

The best reward for looking after yourself is your health.

Remember you are a caring human, we all are.

Back yourself, trust yourself.

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