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Charlie Arnotts Bio

Charlie, an award-winning grazier, educator, and advocate for Regenerative Farming practices, transformed his family’s conventional, high-input farm into a biodynamically managed one, partnering with nature rather than working against it. With a focus on quality and healthy food production, the farm raises animals using organic, biodynamic, and holistic grazing principles, providing clean, nutritious food to its clients.

Charlie emphasises the importance of collaborating with nature, rather than manipulating it, for the health of the farmer, consumer, and land. The farm is transparent, considering its clients as co-producers, and hosts workshops and community events to teach the principles and practices of biodynamics to farmers and families.

Charlie is the host of The Regenerative Journey podcast, launched in 2020 with the support of Landcare Australia.
You can find Charlie at:

What Charlie is enjoying at the moment.
Podcasts by Robert Kennedy Jnr, Zach Bush
Book- King of the Grass Castles by Darne Mary Durack

Quotes from Charlie
“Biodynamics is about creating nutrient dense foods”
“I’m an advocate for Regenerative Agriculture and Farming”.
“Mother Nature is my business partner”
“Biodynamics and Biologics include subtle energy”
“I’ve made a lot of mistakes but that’s where I’ve learn the most”
“A Defining moment in my life was when I watched my paddock top soil blow away”
“I’m all about having love, compassion, forgiveness, respect and reverence for the land”.

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