Show Notes

Shift work is hard on the body and mind. But just like statistically there is a chance of heart disease, cancer and mental disorders with shift work, we can change our behaviours, foods and self care in order to breeze through the rigors shift work puts on our body. This is a must for all shift workers. Audra Starkey has been a shift worker for most of her life, she has studied the art of keeping well, by researching and interviewing people who have survived 5 decades plus of shift work.

Audra Starkey is a Shift Work Veteran, Accredited Trainer and Clinical Nutritionist living in Brisbane. With over 18 years’ experience working shift work including 3 years as a Trainer for one of Australia’s largest employers of shift workers – Qantas, Audra knows first-hand how hard it is to work irregular rosters and shift rotations – and remain healthy too!

Her passion for health and nutrition in a shift working environment stemmed largely from her own personal struggles, which led her to establish a blog called The Healthy Shift Worker – a website designed specifically to assist those struggling to stay healthy despite working 24/7.

Audra now works with individuals who may be struggling to improve their own health despite working 24/7, along with delivering Healthy Shift Worker style training programs to shift working organisations both here in Australia, and around the world, with the aim to improve wellness culture within the workplace.