Show Notes

Zhane’ (pronounced Jarnay) is an Epigenetic Human Potential Coach at the Apeiron Academy in the U.S. currently working remotely in Bali. She is also an avid biohacker. In order for her to get to where she is right now she has an incredibly touching story that is not to be missed.  Kim and Cyndi conduct this interview but have no idea of the depth, rawness, truth and enlightenment Zhane’ gives to the eating disorder Anorexia Nervosa.  This interview is an insight and understanding from an eloquent speaker about what propels a young person to stop eating despite death staring them in the face. This is definitely an interview to tune into if you have been through, or have been touched by, someone with an eating disorder.  If you need to contact Zhane’ she has offered her contact details for you right here  @femalebiohacker

Facebook: Ultra Nutrition Co.


Instagram: zhaneisultra