Show Notes

Over the last 2 years of Up For A Chat, Kim often speaks fondly of a 90 year young lady called Jacqueline, she is a psychologist and seeker of the truth about life. This woman has helped Kim through many tough times so on a beautiful spring morning Kim, Cyndi and Carren go to Jacqueline’s house and enjoy an hour of conversation with this wise, spiritual lady. This is one of those hours that have the Up For A Chat girls in awe and the philosophy of life inspiring. In fact it is such an amazing interview that when the microphone is turned off, Kim, Carren and Cyndi all talk about the fact that they were on the brink of tears most of the hour as the truth about life and solutions to life’s problems are very simple. Jacqueline gives three tools to help find the simplicity of life to the Up For A Chat girls and they will be sharing these with their listeners

Download the episode transcription here: UC 106 An Interaction With Jacqueline

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