Show Notes

[one_third][/one_third]In 2001 Carren Smith’s partner committed suicide. Immediately, she was catapulted into the depths of darkness and despair. Carrying enormous guilt, responsibility and self-hatred for the next twelve months, Carren decided on the only option that made sense. Taking her own life. Almost twelve months later to the date, the world was rocked as terrorists struck the heart of humanity once again in the 2002 Bali Bombings. Trapped by bodies, limbs and the call of death, Carren found herself in a fight for survival that was driven only by human instinct and the heat of fire at her feet. Hear the intimate truth of triumph over tragedy and how Carren’s collision course with self-destruction has since powered her zest for life now that the dust has cleared. This is inspiration plus for anyone who has been touched by suicide and or depression!