Show Notes

I’ve been wanting to do this episode for over a year now, but I’ve put it off because I thought “Rachie-bear, you really should get someone a bit more qualified on with you to nut this one out”. But then I figured, “hey, I’m almost a qualified clinical nutritionist myself, I can probably tackle the subject of fats by myself, after all I’ve been researching them like crazy since high school days”. So here we go. Let’s have a good ole’ discussion about this vital macronutrient.

In this episode we talk about;

  • how the fats gets their names; saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, trans fats etc.
  • why are we so scared of fats? The cholesterol myth, weight gain and the calories in and calories out debacle etc.
  • what are the functions of fat; hormone production, vitamin D synthesis, antioxidant function, cell membrane renewal and protection etc.
  • how can we start to desensitise ourselves to our life-long fear of eating fats? Think starting small, reading a little article about the benefits of nuts, olive oil, avocado etc. each day to keep yourself on track, choose your faves and slightly increase the portion size (whilst lowering or eliminating refined carbohydrates e.g swapping a piece of white toast with a thin smear of low-fat peanut butter for a sliced apple with a heaped spoonful or two of 100% natural peanut butter)

This is just the beginning of the conversation. There’s so many other podcasts out there that do this topic more justice. There’s documentaries and youtube videos and countless articles written by academics and health professionals.

In the show I mention some articles I’ve written on fats

here and here

And the fantastic resources The Natural Nutritionist and her podcast The Real Food Reel (particularly for athletes of very active individuals)

This page has some great audio resources too

I hope this episode has clarified some things for you and opened your minds up to a new way to view nutrition. I’d love your feedback so please go ahead and comment or chuck me a message on the FB pageĀ .

Until next week, stay well and enjoy a little extra avocado (or whatever nutrient-dense high-fat food floats your boat), hugs and hi-5s … thanks as always for listening