Show Notes

Steph Lowe is one of my favourite people to learn from – the work she does is thought-leading, educational and so very, very needed in this world (so thanks Steph – keep going you good thing). She’s one of Australia’s leading sports nutritionists, a lady that loves to get real on current research, debunk food myths and educate as many people as she can about how to just eat real food.

Today we talk about fuelling teenage athletes with real food. It worries us that so many teens (and athletes of any age really) are given the message to load up on simple carbohydrates and/or protein shakes, whilst the message to prioritise veggies, quality protein from actual food sources, and quality, energy-giving fats and only then include some beautiful whole food carbs; banana, sweet spud, buckwheat etc. has fallen by the way side.

We’re bringing real food back. Listen in to hear Steph’s simple but so very powerful message about how to fuel your body not just for today but for the future. In this episode we discuss;

  • the current mainstream guidelines around sports nutrition
  • why is this approach flawed
  • an alternative fuel source to glucose
  • the difference between refined carbs and beautiful whole-food based carbs
  • becoming “metabolically flexible”
  • why no one is really getting away with excessive high-carb diets in the long run
  • the metabolic grey-zone and how to push through
  • everyone is an individual
  • it’s all about keeping it simple – getting back to real foods is the number one priority, not necessarily counting grams of this and grams of that
  • how to source protein from foods post-training, rather than relying on shakes (and what shakes to go for if you really must use them)

I hope you fall in love with Steph’s humble and common-sense nature as much as I have since I started following her.

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