Show Notes

Last fortnight we chatted with one of my fave ladies Jules Galloway, and we had a good ole’ chin wag about the world of naturopathy – debunking the myths of the profession and opening up many a discussion about all the potential ways in which a naturopath can help you, not just to heal and survive, but to THRIVE!

This week it’s just me behind the mic, and we switch the focus to nutritionists. I’m in my final year of uni before clinical placement and so I thought wheat better way to follow on from last fortnight’s topic than to talk about who nutritionists are and what we do.

Many people hear “nutritionist” and think of weight loss, meal plans and bikini bodies. To be truthful, this is a very, very small part of our jobs. Every physiological process occurring within the body every second of every day requires nutrients to be carried out efficiently. So nutrition is relevant across the board, no matter what condition you do or don’t have. And as nutritionists we always believe that prevention is better than cure; looking after yourself beforeĀ you fall ill.

Listen in to learn

  • the sorts of conditions nutrition can address
  • how I came to fall in love with nutritional medicine
  • the importance of knowing that your nutritionist is university qualified (as Jules and I said last time, there are people that do short-courses on the internet and claim to be health professionals – DO YOUR HOMEWORK!)
  • the difference between nutritionists and dieticians
  • my stance on supplements

I hope you learn something new from this episode, and become excited about the potential of medicinal food!