Show Notes

It can be super-tricky to navigate all the “diets” out there, especially as a young, vulnerable teenager. We’re only just beginning to have control and choice around the foods we put into our body and we are bombarded with conflicting nutritional information. Let’s quieten the noise and start listening to our own cues. Your body, when given the chance to, is more than capable of letting you know what it needs. We often shut off these cues because they don’t match what our favourite blogger, podcaster or media nutritionist “recommends”. I’ve been there and done that and have now come full circle and have learned to respect my body enough t trust it. This is a fun, laid-back and informative chat that gives you full permission to step away from all of the research, trends and “shoulds”. I hope you enjoy.

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Until next fortnight, keep questioning, get intuitive and remain genuine always, hugs and hi-5’s xxx Rachie