Show Notes

Today we are lucky enough to be joined again by one of my favourite health professionals (and one of my favourite¬†kiddlets in general), naturopath Jules Galloway. Last time she was on the show, we talked about different eating styles and avoiding trends “just ’cause”. She’s got an awesome approach to health, practical, common sense living and is very switched on indeed. I definitely see her as a role model going into the natural medicine field myself. So today, especially in light of the constant stream of media bashing natural medicine, I thought “let’s talk all about naturopaths”.

Do you really know what a naturopath does? Or are you just going on stigma and stereotypes? Jules enlightens us all on what therapies she uses a study a naturopath, the types of clients she sees, how she envisions natural and allopathic medicine working together (in an ideal, utopian world), her stance on supplements (and supplement QUALITY), the role of internet in health promotion and how she feels the rise of health coaches and well-meaning self-taught experts is impacting her profession. It’s a great conversation covering many areas and hopefully it opens your mind up to the potential of natural medicine in you research own life.

Bottom line, as always, don’t wait for something to get out of hand before seeking help. If your still feeling awful, despite your GP saying that your tests are normal, getting a second opinion from a naturopath can be a great step, as they interpret pathology results a bit differently. It’s not a matter of choosing between the doctor or the naturopath, but having both on hand for different conditions, to get the best of both worlds. At the end of the day, any genuinely caring health professional has your optimal health in mind, and just wants to see you thrive.