Show Notes

It’s time for this chicken to take a break. There’s been some recent upset in the family and life has been getting hectic. I can feel myself getting stressed, even over little things and I feel it’s time for me to take a break. In this little mini “podcast holiday” I’m going be networking with school counsellors, teachers, principles and youth workers to try and better reach my target audience of teenagers. I’m also going to still be doing interviews to prepare some exciting content when this podcast comes back early 2018. There’s so much more I want to do with this show, but in order for me to be my at my best and give my all to you, I need to give some time to myself and the fam bam. If I’m going to bang on each week about being gentle with yourself and listening to your body then I also have to put this into the practice – the time has come.

I appeciate every single one of you awesome listeners so much and am humbled to have your attention each fortnight. I know it can be tricky keeping up with podcast releases. I also am also always thrilled to receive your feedback via the Facebook page – it makes my day to hear from you.

In this, our final episode for a while, I talk you through the last 36 episodes of content so you can either go back and listen to the ones you missed, or re-listen to the ones you loved.

If you love the show, find the info useful, or know of a mate, family member or even acquaintance, that needs some help with their health and happiness game, please share your favourite episodes with them. Word of mouth can be powerful – you never know what might trigger an a-ha moment for someone. I can’t tell you how much it lights me up when someone says they love the show and get their loved ones to tune in too.

I’m not really going anywhere too far lovely ones, I’ll still be active on the Facebook page and blog ( so please keep following my antics, commenting on my posts and dropping by to say “heydidly doodily neighbour” (insert nerdy Ned Flanders wave here).

Hugs, Hi-5’s and thanks for making this show worthwhile xxx