Show Notes

It has been real spud muffins, but alas, it’s time for me to move on from podcasting, but never fear, I’ll still be around the place, and you can definitely stay connected via the Facebook page; or the blog;

Also … watch this space, because my book is getting published in the foreseeable future, if you want non-cliched, cheeky, relatable health-related anecdotes – an eclectic mix of recipes, autobiographical vibes, guidance for healthy living (but not as you necessarily know it) and an almost inappropriate amount of humor, then get keen … because my book baby will be coming to you real soon.

Thanks for being a part of the healthy exception fam and supporting me with these episodes, I’m sorry if you’ll miss the show, but am excited to bring you way more enlivening content via mediums that light me up more than this one.

Anyhoo … enough melancholy, end-of-an-era-style sadness, let’s talk chemicals, skincare and personal care products. This episode is just the tip of the iceberg, but an important conversation starter … do you know what you’re applying to your body? Most of us don’t even think about it, and the number of synthetic is every bit alarming as it is frightening. Of course, being healthy exceptions, we do hate a freak-out … so what to do? As always sweet spuds, the bloody best we can! Making our own, investing in quality brands and using them sparingly and eating foods that make our skin glow without the need for too many lotions or potions in the first place.

I hope you enjoy the final ever episode, for the last time … “thank you for trusting me with your time, and ears for day, and for tuning in … I’ll see you on the other side”.