Show Notes

Kale is seriously one of the coolest guys I know and you’re going to love this podcast episode! What starts out as a bit of a rave about our experiences of the health care system and how we had to go against medical advice to save ourselves from a slippery slope of medical/surgical dependence, blossoms into a thought-provoking podcast that inspires questioning, forward thinking and independence.

As members of the younger generation (Kale is 26 and I’m 20) we are super-passionate about empowering our peers and those younger than us to WAKE UP and think differently to previous generations – particularly when it comes to how you look after your body. Many of us would feel arrogant questioning authority. We feel conditioned to listen to “the experts” in any field, blindly trusting that “they know best”. Whilst there’s no denying that there are many professionals out there doing their absolute best to take care of society, it really is up to us as individuals to think and question for ourselves.

Listen in for a fun and relaxed conversation between friends, that hopefully empowers you to take the reigns, become an informed patient and live your happiest life (not the life you “think you should” live),

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