Show Notes

Happy New Year Lovely Ones, I can’t believe that THE has been up and running for almost a full year now (the podcast began in early 2016). I’ve loved checking in with you each fortnight and (hopefully) contributing to your bank of health-related knowledge so that you can live a life that makes you the healthy exception to society’s unhealthy rule.

Today your favourite guest: Mamma T is back and her podcast game is strong! Be a fly on the wall as we have a light-hearted but passionate discussion about New Years Resolutions, specifically, how to make goals that are related to what YOU want, rather than just following a trend or thinking that you “should” change something. We love wellness, but we aren’t much for the trends and marketing that surround this (for lack of a better word) “industry”.

The conversation takes many avenues over 50 minutes, always coming back to finding your WHY … why do you want to have (insert resolution here) as a goal in the new year? Some thought-provoking rabbit-holes are wandered down and we start questioning this world of “excess” that we live in and the values/expectations that perpetuate out modern day dogmas and stressors.

If you want some laughter, light-heartedness and a bit of a New Years pep talk, then please tune in and afterwards head to the Facebook Page and let me know what YOU want more of in 2017!!!

*I apologise for the amount of times that we say “next year” … this episode was supposed to be released just on 30th December 2016, but due to a technical mix up it ended up coming out a fortnight late … but by now you’ve probably had more time to get into the New Years headset and reflect on how you’d like this year to pan out … so hopefully you’ll be in an even better place to make changes