Show Notes

Oh lovely ones this is one episode you will DEFINITELY want to listen to. Cyndi is one of Australia’s leading nutritionists, best-selling author of Changing Habits Changing Lives, filmmaker (her debut documentary What’s With Wheat (2016) is going great guns!!!), speaker, podcaster, educator, cofounder of Changing Habits, Sunshine Coast Business Woman of The Year and was named one of 2016s top 100 women of influence! Labels aside though, the reason I follow Cyndi is for her thought-leading, trail-blazing attitude about getting unbiased and truthful information out there to the public so that they can know better and do better when it comes to looking after themselves and their families.

Today we start the podcast off discussing Cyndi’s new documentary about wheat and what they’ve done to it (a.k.a. why is every second person finding themselves with autoimmunity, mental health problems, gut issues, skin congestion, aches, pains and goodness knows what else?) which leads us down the path of chemical exposure, culture and tradition and the importance of questioning everything, being open to change and leading by example.

Yes we jump around the place a bit and maybe go into information overload (sorry, we can’t help it, there’s so much you need to know and only so many minutes in a podcast), but the take-home is this; don’t wait until a crisis comes along that forces you to live differently (sound familiar? It should, I say this pretty much every fortnight), the body is adaptable to modern stressors when you feed it right, sleep it right, move it right and minimise your chemical exposure. Change your bathroom, change your pantry, change your shed and watch it change your world. YOU can make a difference and every one can be powerful.

So lovely ones, listen in, and be inspired by Cyndi’s overwheming sense of passion! Go forth, educate yourself as much as you can and let us join forces and go down in history as the generation that SAVED the world and conquered the health crisis!!!

Links (start here and follow links on site to follow Cyndi on social media (I highly recommend watching this documentary – have a family movie night and influence your parents and siblings!!! Even the skeptics out there will be influenced by the powerful message in this film) (Cyndi’s podcast with Kim Morrison and Carren Smith) (this is my blog, which also has links to Cyndi’s website in the side bar … including her shop, where you can buy delicious pantry staples, including healthy chocolate … yes I did just say HEALTHY chocolate … Christmas present idea anyone???)