Show Notes

In this episode we are lucky enough to be graced with the friendly and loveable presence of my friend Jo Whitton, Isaac’s (from episode #16) mum. Not only is this lovely lady the major change agent behind Isaac’s miraculous recovery, she is also an influential healthy cooking blogger (, everyones favourite wellness couch podcast host (, author of “quirky cooking” and co-author of “Life Changing Food” with our mate Foaud Kassab (he’ll be on the show in a few episodes time). What’s more important, Jo is one of the “original” healthy exceptions.

Yes, when she was a teenager she was interested in health and decided she needed to make changes to get rid of lifelong sinus and weight issues. This was all before the internet age of foodie blogs and smoothie bowls of instagram – Jo was dedicated by op-shop cookbooks and by using the common sense that herĀ (mostly) whole-foods upbringing bestowed upon her. Impressive no?

Today we talk about Jo’s health journey pre-kids (she’s a mum of four), what did she learn, what were her misadventures, what messages would she love to share with you guys … it’s all here. Jo is one of my favourite people and this light and flowing conversation takes many avenues, the overall message being this; listen to your body, eat real food and don’t be ‘health-preachy’ (just cook your skeptical mates delicious healthy food and watch their minds start to open).

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