Show Notes

I luuuurrrrvved recording this episode lovely ones! Jackson is such a superstar! He is only 16 (!!!) and already has such a mature attitude towards his health and his knowledge of nutrition, movement and the importance of sleep is far beyond that of (dare I say it?) most of his peers. We met at the 2016 Wellness Summit (he is son of Wellness Guy Damian Kristof) and got to talking and really hit it off (I think that’s inevitable when you find someone in the Gen-Y age-bracket that is as passionate about real food etc. as you are – we still seem to be a minority but we are growing in numbers for sure).

In this episode Jackson talks about life on the ‘other side of the coin’, where many of us youngsters that decide to become “healthy exceptions” have learned the hard way (i.e. we became very unwell and HAD to learn better ways of living), Jackson, after moving in with his health-conscious dad and step-mum at age 9, was thrown into an environment where real food, health enthusiasm and appropriate bedtimes were the ‘norm’.

What is it like to be taught about holistic health from such a young age? What are the challenges you face when your peers live and eat so differently? As much as you know better, do you sometimes just wish you could forget your health wisdom just for a day to live ‘like everybody else’?

We cover all this and more in a light-hearted, flowing (or as Jackson described it; “blossoming”, thanks mate I think I may have to borrow that word for future reference) episode where the conversation covers lots about health and food psychology, avoiding uniformity with your thinking and actions, and, developing a lifestyle and philosophy that works for YOU!

This may be my favourite episode so far and is not one to be missed! You will LOVE what Jackson has to say (so much wisdom!!!), but sorry ladies … he has a girlfriend (bummer right? Well, except for her – winks!). I hope to bring you many more conversations with actual teens/young adults (as much as my mature-adult guests bring lots of wisdom and information for us to implement – and mamma bear brings so many LOLS – yes we LOVE her!) because it is always more ‘a-ha moment-ish’ when you hear the info from someone in a similar age-bracket right?

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