Show Notes

On the 10th of October its World Mental Health Day and so this episode shares what I hope is a strong and empowering message about recovering from debilitating mental illnesses. I’ve spoken about my struggles with depression, anxiety and panic attacks in the past, but have never shared the full extent of my story, for fear that it may be too dark and uncomfortable for some of the younger listeners. However, I think that perhaps its the intensity of my story that makes it so relevant in a time where mental illness has unfortunately become the ‘norm’. Where I thought there was no light and no hope I was wrong – where there’s life, education, acceptance, integrity and passion – there is always hope. By healing your body you can heal your mind – the two are not separate but rather very closely connected. It sounds almost too simple doesn’t it, recover the body and the mind takes care of itself … yet I can tell you that for the most part, that really is the gist of it … it’s just that unfortunately, for whatever reason, this is not the first point of call when treating mental illness. Listen in and be encouraged by my younger self – it is her strength that continues to give me the ‘get-up-and-go’ and make each day count!