Show Notes

I think that the power of the human psyche is amazing! In today’s episode, I have the beautiful Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner Alison Van Vuuren with me to explain how EFT or ‘tapping’ as it is also known, can help you conquer pain, upsetting thoughts and feelings and any other negative sensation or emotion that your body is expressing. Alison talks us through the why’s behind EFT and gives us the ‘cheats’ version of a tapping exercise that can help to stop the physiological stress response and change the way we think and feel about a situation. It’s only a quick episode but full of lots of practical, common-sense wisdom from Alison.

For more information about Alison and her work you can check out, she’s happy to have a free 15 minute chat with you about EFT and whether it would be something that you’d like to look at implementing with her help or the help of another qualified and reputable EFT practitioner in your area

For some solid science base about EFT you can check out

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Until next time, be happy lovely ones xxx