Show Notes

It’s right back to basics here today folks … what even is real food??? I mean, mamma bear and I have discussed gut health and touched briefly on nutrition. Heidi from The Healthy Caterpillar talked about healthy eating a bit too and last fortnight we talked about eating for immunity (think chicken soup and lemon tea with honey). However when I asked on FB last fortnight for what you want to hear about you replied simply – there’s so much out there about nutrition … where do I start and what do I believe? Getting back to whole foods is easy in theory but complicated in practice … so we strip it back to the very beginning.

Today’s episode covers; what is real food? Food that comes from a healthy animal (such as a beautiful piece of fish or some organic eggs), from a thriving bush or tree (a-la bananas, almonds, apples … heck even cacao!) or from the earth (think root veggies)

What about packaged food? Is that still “food”? Well, that depends on whether the ingredient list fits into one of three categories above (and then of course you must consider how the food was processed … are the nutrients still intact???)

And how on earth do we change our attitude towards and perceptions around food??? Well, listen in and find out …

And of course tune in next fortnight where we get into some of the more technical details … such as what’s the deal with salt, sugar, oils, flours etc. what’s real and what’s fake … how can we tell. It’s all coming up and more, get keen lovely ones and until next time, be well and live exceptionally xxx