Show Notes

Aaaaaannnnnddddd the gut series continues. This fortnight Rachel talks to speech pathologist and healthy eating coach Heidi Hosking of The Healthy Caterpillar. The pair dive into Heidi’s story where she shares how she began to be a wake up to the chemicals, additives and processed ingredients that are behind so many of todays physical, immunological and neurological ailments. Then its on to food cravings (and how it’s not actually you craving those carbs but the nasty bad bugs inside you!), food intolerances (and how to know what food work best for your gut) and how to start slowly but surely taking steps to improve your gut health with food. It’s a ripper episode so be sure to have a pen and paper ready (or at least to listen over a few times to take in all of the info).

You can find out more about Heidi at (I highly recommend the site – the blog posts and recipes are simple and easy to follow)