Show Notes

This episode is all about your gut bacteria! The beneficial flora in your gut is there to protect you from illness, help you digest your food, produce some nutrients and neurotransmitters and allow your body to detoxify. Mum and I (Rachel) give a brief overview on the three types of bacteria living inside; beneficial, opportunistic and pathogenic and then dive straight into poo-talk (because you can’t talk bacteria without talking poo!) and then discuss some modern day factors that will effect your levels of beneficial flora (bacteria) and how you can take small action step where possible to reduce this negative impact. It’s not about freaking out but becoming aware so that you are empowered with the knowledge to look after yourself and your inner Eco-system and ultimately avoid becoming a statistic in the chronic disease epidemic or as we like to call it; being the healthy exception to the unhealthy rule. Hope you love it!