TWIW 125: Your heart may need more than just walking

This Week In Wellness a small study published in the journal Circulation of the American Heart Association has shown that regular intense exercise for people with early signs of heart failure may be able to increase the elasticity of their heart muscles.

TWG 358: The Mind Muscle Project

This week Brett is joined by CrossFit coach, author and fellow podcaster Raph Freedman to talk about all things training and exercise. Raph shares why he was attracted to the functional training of Crossfit and why he was inspired to not only start his own gyms (3 of them) but also go on to write… Continue reading TWG 358: The Mind Muscle Project

TPS 255: The Holistic Weightlifter

This week Brett interviews Commonwealth Games weightlifter Steph Davies about her journey to the games and how she takes a different approach to your average games lifter. Steph has been on quite a journey in terms of her fitness, her relationships, her body image and her finances and she shares the whole lot in this… Continue reading TPS 255: The Holistic Weightlifter

TWG 337: Cold Showers and the Cross Fit Games

Brett is always experimenting with new and interesting ideas. Barefoot running, Paleo, intermittent fasting, fermented foods, the list goes on. Brett’s latest challenges are a 30 day cold shower challenge inspired by the one and only Wim Hof and the Cross Fit games. Brett has been inspired by the amazing anecdotal stories around the benefits… Continue reading TWG 337: Cold Showers and the Cross Fit Games

TPS 240: Bee The Wellness

This week Brett is joined by Adam and Vanessa from Bee The Wellness about how they help their clients transition to a Paleo lifestyle and how they personalise their Paleo plans to suit people of all lifestyles and activity levels. They talk about how to broaden your repertoire of recipes, how to introduce safe starches… Continue reading TPS 240: Bee The Wellness

TWG 126: Amanda ‘Crossfit’ Allen

This week The Wellness Guys interview CrossFit champion Amanda Allen. Amanda has a string of achievements in Cross Fit and sport in general as long as your arm and comes onto the show to share her passion and drive with you all. By now if you haven’t heard about CrossFit you must have been living… Continue reading TWG 126: Amanda ‘Crossfit’ Allen