TWIW 125: Your heart may need more than just walking

This Week In Wellness a small study published in the journal Circulation of the American Heart Association has shown that regular intense exercise for people with early signs of heart failure may be able to increase the elasticity of their heart muscles.

TWIW 91: Women were hunters too

This Week In Wellness the bones of a 9000 year old female found in the Andes have shed new light into the role of females in hunter gatherer societies. The skeleton was found with 20 projectile points and blades stacked neatly by her side, indicating that she was likely a high-status hunter. Get Dr… Continue reading TWIW 91: Women were hunters too

WWR 140: Your Brain on Exercise

Dr Andrea is on the hunt for a new gym and movement regime for many more reasons than just aesthetics and cardiovascular health! Did you know that exercise makes you smarter, improves your memory, is protective against depression and even post-natal depression…just to name a few! Tune in to get motivated to move your butt… Continue reading WWR 140: Your Brain on Exercise