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‘I truly believe people plus passion equals profit. So, where we are looking at where I am passionate about my business and I am sure most employers and business owners are, so looking after your people and doing that with integrity and aligned to your values and investing in your people, you’re going to get better results. The people are going to perform better, you’re going to have more profitability and at the end of the day that’s what we’re all about.’ ~ Michalle Faulkner

Michalle Faulkner is a partner in the EastCoast Human Resource Group and a senior Human Resource Management practitioner with more than 23 years experience. In addition to her business and HR experience she is a published author and practicing Safety Advisor. Amongst Michalle’s other achievements is winning Business Woman of the Year award in 2008 and Think Business Magazine Business Person of the Year 2016. Today, Michalle is a life member of the Sunshine Coast Business Woman’s Network in recognition of her outstanding voluntary contributions.

Michalle started Essentials 4 Business (E4B) in 2005 when she identified a genuine need for businesses to gain support with managing their human resources. In 2010 E4B caught the attention of the then owner of EastCoast Human Resource Group (the Coast’s First Recruitment Agency™) who made an approach to merge the businesses offering a full complement of Human Resource Solutions.

2012 was a big year for the business and team as Michalle published her first book “The People Investment” and also purchased the business with her business partner Stephen Fraser.

Since then, EastCoast Human Resource Group has continued to grow from strength to strength and is respectfully recognised within the industry as a professional and dedicated organisation providing end to end Recruitment Services, Consulting in the areas of Human Resource and Industrial Relations, Payroll Administration and Labour Hire (all industries blue and white collar). In 2017 answering Client demand services expanded further to offer Employment Relations Masterclasses fast seeing them become the go to people for Business Owners and Managers seeking practical education in HR and minimising risk both from small business Clients, Managers and Corporate businesses nationally.

Managing Director Michalle Faulkner credits the ongoing success of EastCoast to the whole team’s ethos of quality outcomes, authentic dedication to Clients and Candidates, giving back, commitment to the business community and a desire to make a difference – one workplace at a time.

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Her definition of Self Love is appreciating all the bits that make up who you are. We all have to build our confidence and self-love. It is looking in the mirror every day with pride regardless of what you see. It is to know yourself, your boundaries and triggers and owning that. It is accountability. We are not always perfect, we will make mistakes and that is absolutely fine. We take responsibility and accountability, and we own it. Face the day with an attitude of gratitude and a glass half-full every day.

Her favourite quote is from Audrey Hepburn:

‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.’

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I was always in trouble for talking so much at school and now I get paid to do it!
It is important to make time for listening
I call it the art of being present
You cannot be all things to every body
I just love hearing people’s stories with my genuine love of people
My drive is to make a difference one workplace at a time
I help businesses to look after the people problems
People are one of our greatest assets
We take things very personally as people are always going to put themselves and their families first, as they should
We need every style of person in our business
You have to be prepared to walk the talk
There is no point in having a set of values that no one lives by
Authenticity is critical
People plus passion equals profitability
The business owner up at 2am happens more than we realise
How people respond in times of challenge is a true treatment to who they are
Be honest, act with integrity
Give people the right of response and open communication
You don’t have to like the response, but you can respect their opinion
Be as transparent as you possibly can
It’s ok to say no
We are constantly evolving and learning
If you want to evolve as a human you must invest in yourself
Personal development keeps you innovative and current and to evolve as a person
Stop… it’s ok to take a break, it’s ok to not be ok
Express yourself when times are tough
Every day is a new day
Love yourself, accept yourself

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