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‘And just knowing how much it helped me I then started volunteering my time to fellow colleagues in the police service who were experiencing PTSD. I started noticing the shift and change in them after a session with them. And I began to recognise then the power and efficacy of allowing the body to slow down and detach from the mental racing around and chatter, and reconnect with our body, activate that parasympathetic nervous system to then activate their relaxation response. And so, over the years it’s just been a constant refinement of changing and shifting and adapting different core components of yoga and that sort of lead me to where I am today. And I’ve developed quite an effective therapy called Accelerated Relaxation Therapy.’ ~ Hayley Robinson

Former Queensland Police Officer turned Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner, Hayley Robinson has developed a unique therapeutic approach in facilitating the body back into the relaxation response via targeting the nervous system and the mind-body connection.

Drawing upon her lived experiences with anxiety, ADHD, an auto-immune disease and an array of life events, Hayley now channels her life learnings into a passion fuelled purpose, helping others attain a state of calm relaxation.

This is a beautiful open, real and raw conversation with beautiful Hayley about the hardships and stressors in life and what is required to counter them. Hayley shares her story openly from being a police officer , overwhelm and loss to being a yoga teacher, an accelerated relaxation therapy, coach and mentor. If you know anyone experiencing tough times and wanting to find their mojo again, then this is your answer!

Her definition of Self Love is to take time every day to stop and do nothing. We are addicted to the go-go but find 5-10 minutes each day and do nothing. That is self-love.
Her favourite quote is:
You are more important than your attachments.

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We always played police officer games growing up, I loved it.
I felt like I was serving a purpose and living in alignment with my true self being a police officer.
Yoga allowed me to drop down out of that stress response state.
I didn’t know who I was, my identity was gone.
Yoga helped people with PTSD in the force and helped to slow down and reconnect with their body.
You can go from an activated state to a blissful peaceful state in an hour.
Go from being a tortured soul to a bright light.
Identity used to be from an external influence but now it is my true self, my core.
The central point of stillness within.
Drawing helped me to get into the flow state.
You never truly know what’s going on for someone else.
Don’t be ashamed to speak up or share what you are going through.
I trust myself and tap into that creativity for each client.
Yoga assists the body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system via the vagus nerve.
The mind controls the body, the body controls the mind.
The body is not designed to be in a stressed state long term.
We need to know how to shake that stress off.
Allow your emotions to be processed and out of the body.
You will find having a good support network, the drawing, yoga, walking, grounding and talking all helps.
Time does heal all wounds.
Don’t suffer in silence and try do it all by yourself.
Bring in elements of self-care each day!
This work brought me back to myself.
You are more important than your attachments.


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