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‘We all get to a stage where our higher source, our reason why we are here, our true purpose, why we have gone through everything to be where we are right now kicks in. And all my clients I open up their awareness to understand so we stop going down the same road of hitting our head against brick wall or feeling less self-empowered than we know we can be.’ ~ Greg Keily

After a lifetime of self-sabotage, resulting in 41 career changes, Greg Keily went on to have 2 near death experiences in the military as a Navy Clearance Diver, which left him battling PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Body Dysmorphia.

Greg went through many years of therapy until he discovered a holistic therapy modality that totally changed his life.

Greg went on to study as much as he could on HOW this type of therapy worked so well over so many other options and today shares his discovery, which he now utilises to assist hundreds of people all around the world to release all negative emotions, limitations and trauma from their past, to Re-Align their Identity to create an exciting, Limitless Future.

This is a very powerful conversation about one man’s self-discovery journey having been through a lot and he shares how these experiences have become learnings, and with love he has grown and learnt more in order for him to now support and teach these incredible learnings for those willing to make the change.

His definition of Self Love is: Realising that everything happens for you, it’s not being done to you. It is shifting from a victim mindset to a learning mindset. It is using that higher state of self-acceptance and realising that overwhelming level of self-love will flow to you. It is taking responsibility for your actions.

His favourite quote is:
Everything has happened for me, not to me.

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The female community has a high level of empaths.
We accept the environment in which we are raised in which affects 95% of our unconscious mind.
Our conscious mind runs only 5% of our life.
I’m living my true purpose after so many years of hitting brick walls and being kicked down.
You need to outsource different modalities to suit you.
If you can open your mind to what you’ve been told change falls into your lap.
There is more which takes us to a quantum realm.
We have a self-conscious an unconscious and a super conscious mind.
Our unconscious attaches an emotional feeling to everything we go through.
We are all energy.
We have all chosen a different path for this life.
Learn, love, grow teach.
Don’t become a victim, become a student.
A lot of people actually do not want to be saved.
Some are not here to get better this time around.
Love yourself all up.
If I focus on me, I become the best me for everyone in my life.
When we visualise things it increases our emotional connection to it.
We are all connected, we are the Universe.
Hypnotherapy is a trance.
All your limitations had nothing to do with you.
Everything has happened for me not to me.
I was there for a reason.
If you want to let go of something, you will need access where it exists in the unconscious mind.


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