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‘I started writing this book as the book that I wish I had been given when I realised that I was in a domestic abusive relationship. And also had given to follow, in order to get out of that relationship and all the steps that I needed to take, but also most importantly, the book to help me rebuild and realign and balance me as an individual. And then finding, and realising and start building that new life, which would be filled with hope and joy and freedom that when most women who are in domestic abusive relationships don’t believe they will ever achieve, and so that was the reason I wrote it.’ Jaynie Morris

Jaynie Morris is an entrepreneur, a holistic mindset Coach, a speaker, a media commentator and an author. She is the founder of a global community for women over 50 and Jaynie is a survivor – twice over. The first from a terminal health issue, which lead to the first published book ‘Against Their Odds’, and the second from domestic abuse, which lead to the latest published book ‘This Time Next Year’. Jaynie is a huge advocate for women over 50, she is a member of several government and corporate taskforces for women over 50 and a regular consultant. She is a mother, grandmother and lover of life!

This podcast is all about moving from breakdown to breakthrough. Jaynie gives a very personal and insightful look into her life and the tools she implemented to get through two of the biggest challenges she could have endured. Her practical yet deeply caring nature is what will support you to get out of your own way and be your greatest champion.

Her definition of Self Love is:
Not an easy one for me to answer… it is to be able to sit at a table on my own eating a meal in a restaurant and feel joy, and happiness in my own company without fear of what other people may think or other people’s opinions and realise in that moment realise that the person at that table is my greatest love – and that is me.

Her favourite quote is:
Passion will push you, purpose will pull you.

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My greatest love was my mother.
Her gift of saying you can have and be and do whatever you want.
Every step I take go with my heart.
My mother nurtured the entertainer in me.
The understanding of unconditional love, support and eternal optimism.
I am an eternal optimist, she made me into that, I am forever grateful.
I had gone into liver failure and needed a liver transplant.
I’m a great believer in the power of our minds.
I realised I actually brought the liver condition on myself.
I am more passionate about this than any other work I have done.
When we stop communicating with ourselves, on any level, that’s when a compromise occurs.
Every adversity in life is an opportunity for growth.
Men have always played a huge part in my life.
Did I do what I came here to do?
This time next year… is such a powerful statement.
In this moment right now how many more summers do you have in front of you?
Drop into your heart and look around you.
Ask what really makes me smile?
Fear stops us and puts us into feeling alone.
What’s the worst thing that could happen right now?
You are not alone, get over your own fear and take that first step.
Life is about purpose, what’s my purpose?
Be open to receiving.
Passion will push you, purpose will pull you.


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