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‘Responsibility at the end of the day is taking your health into your own hands. Paul has this amazing quote, ‘Sooner or later health will be your number one concern.’ When I really look back at all of the clients that I have had, it’s a tricky one isn’t it? I think people put a certain amount of trust into these corporations and go and shop at the Coles. I know I see you at the Farmers Markets most weekends and things like that. But if you think of the average person, I think most people are just unaware, just actually unaware.’ ~ Peter Klaricich

Pete Klaricich has studied various modalities and movement practices including the CHEK system, Yoga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Anatomy Trains. His journey started with his studies and exploration of the ancient teachings within shamanic plant medicine and the practice of yoga. In these spaces, he discovered the complexity of the human being and the untapped potential of our innate capabilities. This was pivotal in enhancing his awareness of health, which always starts within.

After a few years of travelling the world, Pete was introduced to the work of Paul Chek, which offered a truly unique and holistic approach to health. The CHEK system integrates high-performance conditioning, holistic wellness and stress management. Once he began integrating theses techniques, he experienced massive shifts, along with inner and outer transformation.

Pete’s mission is to utilise his unique body of knowledge to transform lives, improve lifespans and impact generations to come.

This podcast is all about Peter’s journey and his insatiable appetite for knowledge about the mind and body. His expertise allows us to connect with a deeper understanding of taking responsibility for our own health. His precious observations are insightful, empowering and uplifting. He says life has asked him to step up and he is now becoming more focused on helping people within corporate business and large companies.

His definition of Self Love is: Taking responsibility for yourself, your choices, actions, every thing. It’s taking ownership for yourself.

His favourite quote is from Joseph Campbell:

‘The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.’

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Anatomy Trains:

I have always had an innate curiosity with the body.
My work is all about problem solving.
CHEK – Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology
The best thing about having a system is you can always find a way.
Almost all pain derives from one of the 6 foundations – thinking, breathing, movement and hydration, nutrition and sleep.
Thinking is energy out.
On a molecular level we are 99.9% of water.
We are doing things today we did not do 100 years ago.
Sooner or later health will be your number one concern.
People are resistant to change.
It’s not the change itself, it’s who am I becoming.
People are blissfully unaware.
No one is going to come and save you.
Life is asking you to step up and step into this.
Make time for unstructured play.
There are 4 Doctors – Dr Happy, Dr Quiet, Dr Diet and Dr Movement.
Get back to nature.
It’s the ability to touch to heal.
I use my hands and feel into the body and together we work in unison.
You want to see goodness in everyone.
We are designed to listen more than we speak.
We all have that innate divinity within us.
I truly believe I was put here to help people.
Pain is always trying to tell us something.
I do what I teach and take ownership and implement them!
The only way out is through.
Nothing ever gets sorted in one session.
All of these modalities deserve a seat at the healing table.
Tradies are my most favourite people to work with.
It is about heart over money.


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