Nourishing The Mother

NTM 327: When you feel like the black sheep in your family

Episode 327
28, Sep, 2021
}53 Minutes

Show Notes

How do we maintain relationship THROUGH hard conversations? How do we hold ourselves through the discomfort of being the black sheep, without shying away from our integrity? How do we hold the difference in those we love, whilst not withdrawing our love – knowing the more we hold onto our difference, the greater the disconnect can become.

In this episode we discuss:

  • the harm of microaggressions – including silence and humour
  • changing your self-label from ‘black sheep’ to ‘balancer’
  • being thankful for your family of origin for how they keep you on-path
  • how to enter and hold hard conversations
  • how to dismantle beliefs you have around your own power
  • see how for all the ways you don’t conform, you are equally conforming
  • boundaries as love

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