Show Notes

We all end up feeling cornered at some point/s in our parenting journey. Sometimes it can feel like a phase, rut or cycle – and that’s a pretty tough place to be; when you feel out of options, resources and patience…and full of fear of ‘what will you do now? And in the future?’…

In this episode we discuss:

  • How parenting invites you to understand and meet your nervous system in ways you never have before
  • The folly of believing that your past is in the past, when it’s alive and active in your present
  • Our tried and tested 3-step process we both use and utilise to move through tricky moments
  • Getting back on track when the wheels have fallen off
  • The power of narration
  • Letting go of how ‘it needs to be’
  • Releasing the fear that grips your heart and body
  • The heaviness of shame and power of repair
  • Parenting now, with teen relationships in mind

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