Show Notes

Following on from our podcast titled ‘Let’s lift the veil on the shame of post-partum healing’, we received a flurry of feedback that let us know that there is a silent shame epidemic for women around birth, injury, trauma and their sexual selves.

Over two episodes (this is Part 1) we give voice to the internalised biases that exist and how we can start to awaken a more balanced perspective so that we are truly free to make our own empowered decisions to prioritise our healthcare.

In this episode we discuss:

– balancing our perceptions when we know we’re getting polarised
– freeing ourselves from limiting biases
– setting ourselves up to receive the best healthcare and support system
– awakening to the horrific neglect of women within our healthcare system
– de-stigmatising sexual shame around our vaginas
– dismantling the construct of the perfect sexualised woman
– leaning into the wisdom that nothing is missing and discovering that for yourself

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