Show Notes

You may not be aware, but resentment is an extremely common experience in parent-life and relationship, yet it’s the most toxic and destructive of emotions as you’ll soon find out in this episode, where we share with you the beliefs, the patterns and the tips on busting your own resentment cycles.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Fantasies versus realities
  • What’s here for my inner child to confront and release?
  • Getting on the same team with your partner
  • You don’t have to do it all; busting the ‘perfect mother myth’
  • It gets to be fun!
  • Anger as a change-agent (wisdom is found when you release the self-righteousness and the shame)
  • You being an agent of change that can liberate your daughters from the perfect mother myth
  • Reclaiming your agency
  • Getting on the other side of resentment and overwhelm to joy and fun
  • Self-righteousness in our top values stops our fun
  • Missing the middle path
  • Reclaiming anger in motherhood
  • Women socialised out of embodied rage
  • What we repress children express
  • Resentment towards our children or partner
  • Becoming the slave or workhorse in your home creates resentment
  • Never feeling good enough and always getting it wrong creates resentment
  • There’s more choice than ‘slave’ or ‘witch’

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