Show Notes

The more overwhelmed you feel, the more control you’ll seek, and the more control quells your feelings, the more control you’ll seek…until one day, your world is so small, you don’t want to live in it anymore. If you’re a spiritual junkie, this one will take you there, and if you’re deep in heart-centred parenting, you may find the permission you need to soften.

In this episode, we discuss:
– being engulfed by your identity
– feeling unable to let go of control, because if you don’t do it, who will?
– judgement and self-righteousness
– staying attached to right and wrong, as the source of our pain
– motherhood is consuming and exhausting: so what do you do when you’re here
– if motherhood ISN’T consuming and exhausting, who ARE you?
– choosing alignment and our own sovereign integrity as our wisdom evolves
– the mother wound and the impact on control
– walking ahead of versus walking alongside our children
– choosing which doors you open and which doors you close to create the most meaningful life possible for you

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