Nourishing The Mother

NTM 324: When you imprison your mother you imprison yourself

Episode 324
07, Sep, 2021
}55 Minutes

Show Notes

What does the mother wound mean to you? Does it exist for you if there is no great conflict in your mother line? What does it look like if your mother is no longer in your life? In this episode we discuss building a floor underneath yourself beyond the too-good or not good enough mother narrative of personal experience or cultural conditioning.

We also discuss:

  • Attachment wounds
  • only being ok if you are or are not like your mother
  • infatuation turning into resentment
  • denying your own expression in order to be okay
  • needing to be mothered in order to mother
  • teasing the edges of where the opposite to what you believe of your mother is true
  • creating compassion for your own mother
  • integrating your mother imprint to parent with more wholeness

….and a whole lot more!

We’d love to hear what this episode brings up for you and if you have any podcast suggestions.

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Discussing the layers of being a mother today, where we have come from and where we want to go. Learn tools to connect with yourself, offer compassion to those parts we’d rather deny and get back in love with motherhood and who you are as a feminine woman.

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