Nourishing The Mother

NTM 322: Radical self compassion in a changing world with Meg Berryman

Episode 322
24, Aug, 2021
}71 Minutes

Show Notes

What can the regenerative wisdom of nature reveal to us on how to live, love and lead well during these times? What does it look like to bring gentleness to your own unbecoming, as you renegotiate roles, identities, and your vision for yourself and your family? In this episode, Bridget explores these questions and more with writer, coach and activist Meg Berryman.

Meg Berryman is a trauma-informed coach, yoga teacher and consultant seeding and teaching regenerative ways to live, lead, learn and do business. She centres embodiment and connection, and sustainability in her family, relationships, and offerings, celebrating the small, the simple and the slow.

Connect with Meg and learn more about her ‘Small is beautiful’ offering:

Nourishing the Mother
Bridget Wood
Julie Tenner

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About Nourishing The Mother

Discussing the layers of being a mother today, where we have come from and where we want to go. Learn tools to connect with yourself, offer compassion to those parts we’d rather deny and get back in love with motherhood and who you are as a feminine woman.

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