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NTM 316: Relationship Taboos series – INFIDELITY – with Rachel McKenzie

Episode 316
13, Jul, 2021
}77 Minutes

Show Notes

What do you do once you find out infidelity is now part of your relationship? In this rich, raw and vulnerable conversation, we speak with Rachel Mckenzie on her experience of infidelity in a long term relationship, navigating the deep hurt, confusion, depression and heart ache that is understanding, healing and moving beyond infidelity.

We cover topics such as:
– The rigid roles we create for each other in relationship, that ultimately are unsustainable and that until they are dissolved will keep us stuck

– Reconciling the person you’ve known with the person you see before you

– Moving through the stages of grief and obsessive needs to know and understand

– Learning new depths on how to love your partner

– Overcoming the intoxicating storyline of ‘he’s done this to me’

– Beginning to see the co-creation

– Accountability, not repartnering and repeating

Rachel McKenzie provides supportive mentorship and empathetic conversations for women navigating the heartbreak of infidelity.

You can connect with her here:

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