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NTM 307: Body image in the bedroom with Somatic sexologist Bonnie Bliss

Episode 307
11, May, 2021
}58 Minutes

Show Notes

How do we love and feel sexually alive in our body, when it’s very different to how it used to be? What do we do with the stories and shame we may find ourselves circling through?

What if your body could be an instrument of worthiness?
What if instead of looking at our bodies and sex from the outside, we could open to feeling pleasure inside?
How would our relationship to our body change if we were aware of the conditioning we carry?

In this episode, we talk with Bonnie on topics such as:
– pleasure as a learnable skill
– orgasms that can leave you exhausted vs pleasure opening up your aliveness
– confronting the thoughts that block pleasure
– You are worthy, always, of love, intimacy and pleasure
– welcoming in a sense of feeling good
– not abandoning your body but keeping connection

We really hope you enjoy this juicy conversation!

You can connect with Bonnie here:
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