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NTM 279: Birthing wisdom with Rhea Dempsey – Part 2

Episode 279
27, Oct, 2020
}59 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode, we explore the birth culture, past and present and the experiences of women in the highly interventionist ‘labour bypass era’ through the stories and insights of one of Australia’s most trailblazing advocates for natural birth, Author and Childbirth Educator Rhea Dempsey.

About Rhea Dempsey
Rhea is a highly sought after independent childbirth educator, trainer, speaker, counsellor, author and doula with experience at over one thousand births. Rhea’s understanding of birth has been gained over four decades of working with pregnant women, their partners, support people, midwives and medical practitioners in homes and hospitals.

She is recognised as an insightful commentator on the difficulties faced by women, who have a yearning for normal physiological birth, in navigating the present birth culture. She is respected as one of Australia’s foremost thinkers on the topic of working with pain, both physiological and psychological, in childbirth and its connection to normal physiological birth. She has presented locally, nationally and internationally, in fact, she passionately speaks about birth issues anywhere, anytime.

Rhea is also the author of two books – Birth with Confidence: savvy choices for normal birth and her new book Beyond the Birth Plan: getting real about pain and power.

With regard to mothering, Rhea is the mother of three daughters, two home born, and now grandmother to five home born grandchildren. Long before it was named, Rhea’s mothering included the key tenets of attachment parenting—long-term breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing and conscious, respectful, developmentally sensitive guidance—and she delights in witnessing this generational patterning continuing with her grandchildren.


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