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NTM 236: Your Self-Confident Kid

Episode 236
31, Dec, 2019
}43 Minutes

Show Notes

What does it look like to raise self-confident kids? What does it look like to raise our own internal self-confident kid? What does it even mean to HAVE confidence?! In this episode we go off in many-a-passionate tangent as we discuss what tools and insights YOU need to raise the kind of kids who greet the world with open bodies and open hearts, because they’re deeply rooted in who they are.

If you’d love to get all the tools to set you and your kids up in 2020, then grab your SELF-CONFIDENT KID BUNDLE now! It’s only available until Jan 5! And it’s only $88 for:

  • ♀️Transitions Toolkit
    (Your quick reference toolkit for you and your child for dealing with the meeting point of beginnings, endings and the emotional transitions between the two – $44)
  • ♂️ Serenity Now Toolkit
    (The essential toolkit for surviving family, thriving beyond stress, + vibing with love⁣ – $44)
  • ♀️How-To Guide: Set Them Up To Succeed quick-reference
  • ♀️How-To Guide: Emotional Holding quick-reference
  • ♀️How-To Guide: Seeing Your Child’s Values + Speaking To Their Genius quick-reference

Grab yours here:

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